Crackle Effect Spray

Crackle Effect Spray
Crackle Effect Spray

Tuning Crackle Effect is a 2-coat effect spray. It produces on different acrylic- or nitro-combi surfaces looking as if torn up, e.g. like leather. So it creates a very effective look. 

Before the Crackle Effect is applied, it is very important to paint the object with a basecoat. The following combinations are possible:

DUPLI-COLOR Auto Color + Tuning Crackle Effect
DUPLI-COLOR Tuning RAL + Tuning Crackle Effect
DUPLI-COLOR Aerosol Art + Tuning Crackle Effect

Clear Coats of before mentioned series + Tuning Crackle Effect

As soon as you apply the effect spray over the previous painted area, the process of building crackles on the surface begins.

It is suitable for many objects, even for acrylic paintings, for painted wood, metal and works of art. 

The DUPLI-COLOR Tuning Crackle Effect has also been successfully tested at some Deco Effect Sprays + colors. It also works, if you use the following products:

DUPLI-COLOR Gold Leaf + Tuning Crackle Effect
DUPLI-COLOR Eloxal + Tuning Crackle Effect
DUPLI-COLOR platinum + Tuning Crackle Effect
DUPLI-COLOR RAL-Sprays + Tuning Crackle Effect

Examples for use

Crackle Effect Spray
Crackle Effect Spray


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