Environmental Protection and Quality Assurance

Product features

DUPLI COLOR sprays have avoided the use of ozone-depleting CFCs since as long ago as 1975. European Aerosols was the first company in Europe to voluntarily introduce ozone-friendly propellants. The ultimate global ban of these propellants did not take place until the 1990s.

The formulas to which European Aerosols spray paints are produced, are constantly monitored on the latest findings to reduce the content of physiologically harmful components as far as possible. Such materials are then replaced by less harmful alternatives with the same technical characteristics or reduced to concentrations that are not harmful to the user. Thus, most European Aerosols aerosol cans are classified only as "irritants" and rarely as "harmful to health". None of them are ever "toxic" or "corrosive". Since 1981 our products have not contained any toxic heavy metals.

Recyclable packaging, tin plate cans and the presence of the Green Dot sign represent further important contributions to reducing environmental impact.

By using new technologies and materials we work constantly to reduce waste. For example, since 1995 the amount of paint required for colouring the caps has been cut by more than 50%. Special cartons that are used both in-house and externally by our suppliers mean a further reduction in cardboard waste.

Quality and Safety Management

European Aerosols GmbH has a quality management system certified to ISO EN 9001 and an environmental management system certified to ISO EN 14001. These internationally standardised management system modules not only strengthen the company's position in the market but also serve to set examples for all our employees and partners.

Plant Safety

Under German immissions protection law (BImSchG) the storage of highly inflammable propellants and of finished products both require permits. In addition, our manufacturing plant qualifies as a "company area with extended obligations" as defined in the German statutory order on hazardous incidents, whereby a safety management system must be set up that is documented in a safety report. This is implemented annually through an on-site inspection by the Karlsruhe Regional Commission as an external supervisory authority for the immissions and employment protection legislation.

On the one hand, this system is based on the requirements of the new hazardous incidents order, and on the other it takes into account the principles of company policy towards environmental protection, health and safety and plant safety.

Product Safety

Users of European Aerosols aerosol cans are assured of the highest level of safety. Manufacturing takes place under observance of all applicable safety regulations; all empty cans are also tested for loading capacity with a pressure of 15 bar. Our can supplier ensures this through 100% testing during the manufacturing process. All filled aerosol cans are then weighed and placed in a water bath at 50ºC to detect any overfilling or damage to the container. The caps are protected against being opened unintentionally, e.g. by children. The warning texts printed on the products are kept up to date and exceed the requirements of hazardous substances law and product liability. We play an active part in all relevant industry associations and actively lobby in areas of legislation relevant to our interests.


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