• If you make no choice, all entries will be displayed.
  • Furthermore you can combine all options in order to define the requested product as exactly as possible.


  • During every search by color names you should consider that many color names are not recorded in German, but partially in English, French or Italian language (example: rot, red, rouge, rosso).
  • The car brands are assorted in alphabetic order.
  • The colors within the car brand are listed in numerical order.
  • Each color tone is assigned to an ID-number.
  • This ID-number identifi es YOUR color tone and is shown on the can`s cap, label and sales racks.

Attention, important remark:

How is it possible, that color codes of one car manufacturer apply to different ID-numbers?

  • The color samples of the automobile manufacturers have been matched and classified according to our best knowledge. Independent from this, e.g.

a) color tolerances if cars have been produced in different production sites

b) different construction years and weathering of old lacquers may cause different shades of originally identical colours. Please consider these possible colour deviations, which we unfortunately cannot influence in our assortment.