• Foundation of Kurt Vogelsang AG in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland


  • Introduction of the first paint roller, which was at that time object to ridicule, nowadays is indispensable for all craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers!


  • The first tinted latex dispersion paints were marketed.


  • Development of the first synthetic ready-mixed mortar.


  • Development of an electrostatic and airpressure-free technique for spraying varnishes.


  • Foundation of the plant in Hassmersheim upon Neckar, situated between Heilbronn and Heidelberg / Germany.
  • Production start of the chemical rust converter FERRO-BET.


  • First production of touch-up pencils in original car colours for paint repair.


  • First production of aerosol paints in original car colours.
  • In the early 60s the successful car assortment was supplemented by colours for decorative purposes. Start of the orientation according to RAL standard.
  • Since the beginning 70s more and more special effects for application around home and hobby were developped, for example bronces, hammerfinish, metallic or heat-resistant paints.


  • The spray paint assortment comprises about 1.500 differnt shades.


  • The 100 millionth spray paint rolled off the assembly line. In the same year, we changed to CFC-free propellants in order to reduce propellants which are harmful to the ocone-layer.


  • Development of a water-based spray paint.


  • The Kurt Vogelsang GmbH could increase the cumulative production output of aerosols to 250 million units.


  • The assortment of paint aerosols and touch-up pencils contains more than 2,000 different shades in 12 ml, 150 ml and 400 ml containers.


  • By improving the water-based AQUA-LACK quality this product group was awarded with the “Blaue Engel”, which stands for especially environmental-friendly properties.


  • Launch of 2 effect sprays, which are absolute innovations in the European market: Granit Style and Marble Effect.


  • Beeing the first aerosol producer in Europe MOTIP DUPLI gets the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • Development of a complete line for wood protection: SCANDIC


  • Introducton of 500 and 600 ml aerosol containers.
  • Foundation of the VOMO Corporation in Switzerland as an independent purchasing company of the Vogelsang GmbH/Germany and MoTip b.v./Netherlands.


  • wurde die 400 Millionste Dose in Haßmersheim abgefüllt.


  • With Terracotta und Patina we offered for the first time innovations in an attracting set-packaging.
  • The assortment of the Kurt Vogelsang GmbH includes now more than 50,000 articles and more than 4,000 different colours.
  • Fusion of the Kurt Vogelsang GmbH with MoTip b.V. to the MOTIP DUPLI GROUP N.V. with head office in Lelystad/Netherlands.


  • With the development of the patented no-spray ring and we could offer our customers products, which are protected from unauthorized use e.g. at the POS or by children.
  • Introduction of a 2-component clear coat for professional varnishing.


  • Integration of the companies Weber & Wirth, Schwerte and MoTip Germany, Nürnberg into the Kurt Vogelsang GmbH. For the first time we exceeded the turnover of 100 Million DM at the plant Hassmersheim. Change of the company's name from Kurt Vogelsang GmbH to MOTIP DUPLI GmbH.


  • Introduction of DUPLI COLOR Rostschutzlack, a new assortment for rust protection with VCI technology
  • Start of the professional line of ColorMatic
  • Production of the 500 millionth spray can in the plant Haßmersheim, but already more than 700 Million cans all over the MOTIP DUPLI Group


  • Relaunch of DUPLI COLOR Deco Line and start of the Formula 1 prize competition.


  • With the introduction of DUPLI-COLOR platinum MOTIP DUPLI set new quality standards in the spray paint sector.
  • The relaunch of the special sprays for cars was successfully implemented with the DUPLI-COLOR TUNING line.


  • MOTIP DUPLI was the first who offered Nano technology in an aerosol can.


  • The brand ColorTech complements the product portfolio with Smart Repair systems for professional users.
  • With Magnetic Paint another attracting product in the decorative sector was sucessfully marketed.
  • At the plant Haßmersheim the 600 millionths aerosol can was filled.


  • After the relaunch of the ColorMatic products, a broad range of products for spot repair is available, which meets professional demands.



  • 1'000'000'000 spray cans all over the group: on 11th of April this new record mark could be set with the filling of DUPLI-COLOR platinum gentian blue.
  • Introduction of the brand Colormark with Marking Sprays in a quality complying to the demands of professional users.
  • With the product range DUPLI-COLOR Rust-Stop we manage the sucessful launch of a high grade rust-protective lacquer with 4 features in one product.
  • The ColorMatic Professional assortment is is complemented by a paint mixing system with water-based lacquers for the filling of pre-filled cans
  • In addition to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2004 MOTIP DUPLI is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2008.


  • After a long time of development the variable spray nozzle is ready to go into production. This development allows the infinite adjustment of the spray jet broadness as well as to spray in horizontal as well as in vertical direction
  • Launch of the ColorMatic CleanJector developed by MOTIP DUPLI. A disposable one-way piston for the ColorMatic filling machines – for the cost- and time-saving filling of ColorMatic pre-fill cans.


  • Spr(ay)ing feelings with DUPLI-COLOR. With this claim we introduce the era of a new, waterbased spray paint technology: eco-friendly, safe for polystyrene, DIN-EN 71-3 verified and with a pleasant vanilla scent.


  • The development of the urethan based DUPLI-COLOR Alkyton creates a complete rust protection paint system of aerosols and high effective brush paint. The high pigmentated alkyd paint offers four products in one: Primer, rust protection, color and sealing.
  • As first paint manufacturer in Germany, MOTIP DUPLI was certified according to DIN EN 16001, which observes the European standard for energy management systems.


  • Record figures in production, and again a breakthrough of a sonic wall: The 800 millionth paint spray can is produced.
  • Addition to capacity by a new 1250m² big external depot, with 1700 pallet places.
  • Internet, Web 2.0 and Social Media – MOTIP DUPLI is present.


  • 2K is finished – for the first time, MOTIP DUPLI offers a 2K putty in one package. The mixing of  hardener and putty is made automatically by a special mixer top.
  • Social-media-activities, and for mobile applications: The special color-search program of DC Auto-Color and MoTip Kompakt, is now also as a native app on iOs for iPhone and iPad.
  • New top seller, and perfect problem solver for professional applications of our ColorMatic-assortment: Restore set for headlights.


  • The 2K clear varnish, which was until now reserved for the professional-segment, is now also available for the DIY-market.
  • MOTIP DUPLI adapts new products to the new GHS labelling. Product labels are successive adapted to new legal requirements.
  • Paint repair having a system: all products for a successful lacquer-damage-repair in one box: Among the brand of DUPLI-COLOR for the DIY-area, among the brand of ColorMatic for the professional user.
  • Further new products introduced by DUPLI-COLOR: Rust effect spray, and blackboard paint for the hobby area, as well as polished thermo-lacquer for tuning purposes regarding the car.
  • The production sites in Haßmersheim and Schwerte admit to be certificated for valid environmental audit, according to EMAS.


  • MOTIP DUPLI offers for the first time a water-based repair paint in a spray can.
  • DUPLI-COLOR sprayplast – removable spray out of a spray can. As a spray and for the first time in the stationary trade, also available as a spray gun or brush application. 
  • Diversification to underline the system partnership: Introduction of presto car careassortment.
  • Inauguration of the new raw material warehouse, with an area of 3.200m² and more than 6.000 pallet places.


  • New record of production: 1,000,000,000 lacquer sprays at the location Haßmersheim.
  • MOTIP DUPLI wins the EMV-professional-marketing-Award for the third time.
  • Introduction of an innovation for the world: The COLORMARK 2K line marker is the first marking spray for permanent line marking, which can be applied out of two components in a lacquer spray can.


  • Dubble anniversary:
    60 years production plant MOTIP DUPLI GmbH, Haßmersheim
    70 years MOTIP DUPLI GROUP - foundation 1946 in Schwerzenbach/CH
  • Introduction of new decorative effect spray: Crackle-Effect



  • Introduction of Vintage Effect Spray – a high-grade waterbased quality, which gives to every object a chalky, mat look – it looks like shabby chic.
  • A new styrole-free putty quality is launched.


  • Launch of NEXT, an innvative spray paint for easy application and high reliablity for a perfect result: can be painted over alcyd paints as well as over acrylic paints!
  • Profi products under DUPLI-COLOR for preparing, priming, painting and for the protection of painted objects.


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